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Ticket available to tomorrow night's game (vs. Dallas, 12/13) - San Jose Sharks Fan Journal

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December 12th, 2010

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10:07 pm - Ticket available to tomorrow night's game (vs. Dallas, 12/13)
One of the people in my group can't make tomorrow night's game, so in addition to throwing it up on Power Play Ticket Trader, I thought I'd offer it up directly here as well.

When: Monday, December 13th at 7:30pm
Where: Sec 228, Row 4, Seat 7. You'd be seated by me and a friend. :)
How much: Face value of the ticket is $49; I'd prefer it sell for that, but will be willing to take a 'best offer' bid if it doesn't sell for face value before 5pm. This is a ticket that goes for a minimum of $63 on PPTT.

Payment by PayPal only, delivery via PDF sent to a valid email address upon verification of payment.

CAVEAT: The ticket is also up for sale on Power Play Ticket Trader, so if it sells there before payment is finalized, then it's gone.

Interested or have questions? Please comment to this post -AND- send me a private LJ message, and I'll send you an email address to send the payment to. The ticket will need to be sold before 5pm PST.

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